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03 August 2015:  The regime’s federal high court has sentenced members of Ethiopian Muslim Arbitration Committee members, one journalist and thirteen others to a lengthy jail term between seven and 22 years. The eighteen Muslims were falsely charged on counts that include attempted terrorism, conspiracy to establish an Islamic state, and public incitement.

” The court passed a guilty verdict on all of the on July 6th and adjourned the sentencing until Aug. 3rd. Accordingly the first defendants, Abubakar Ahmed, Ahmedin Jebel, Yasin Nuru and Kemal Shmsu were sentenced to 22 years each. Accordingly, defendants Bedru Hussien, Sabir Yirgu, Mohammed Abate, Abubeker Alemu and Munir Hussien were each jailed for 18 years. The court also sentenced Sheik Mekete Muhe, Ahmed Mustefa Sheik Seid Ali, Mubarak Adem and Khalid Ibrahim were jailed for 15 years each; while defendants Murad Shikur, Nuru Turki, Sheik Bahiru Omar and Yusuf Getachew were jailed for less terms of seven years each.” The arbitration committee members had the intention of narrowing the gap between the regime and Muslims who had been staging sit ins and protests all over Ethiopia calling for the respect of their religious rights and institutions. The regime is blamed for closing an important school, introducing an unwanted sect from Lebanon, arresting and torturing peaceful protesters and more. The regime had presented false evidence trying to link the protesters to jihadists.

The harsh sentencing of the eighteen peaceful Muslim arbitration committee members should be condemned as a travesty of justice. Calls should also be made for the release of hundreds of Muslim protesters jailed in Kaliti, Kilinto and other prisons that hold thousands of other political prisoners.


Mass Detention, Killings and Repression in Ethiopia

18 October 2-018: The propaganda blitz notwithstanding, the repressive system in Ethiopia is continuing. The “old-new” rulers have sponsored ethnic killings, no action against hate mongers instead arrested close to 3000 young peaceful in and around Addis Abeba. Their crime? Upholding the historic Ethiopian flag, condemning and calling for the arrest of the ethnic cleansers and demanding the release of all political prisoners.

The youths have now been taken to the Tolai labor camp where they are being treated inhumanely by the camp police. The claim that they were arrested in Kat chewing and shisha smoking dens is not only untrue but kat and shisha are not even illegal in Ethiopia to begin with. The wave of ethnic violence that has shocked the country is a product of the Tigrean Front’s (TPLF) provocation and due to the fact that prime minister and his group have surrounded themselves with Oromo extremists of all hues. The PM and his group have actually tried to cover up for the criminals and falsely accused others (including the thousands rounded up in Addis Abeba) while letting the hate mongers free and rapists and killers untouched. Burayu, Gedeo, Bnei Shangul, etc are examples of places where such atrocities have been witnessed. Linked to these crimes, the confiscation of property/land in Addis Abeba and other places and the handing of these to Oromo youths loyal to the PM and his group is continuing. More than a million have been internally displaced and Ethiopia tops the chart of the most displaced persons in 2018.Despite the release of a fraction of the thousands of political prisoners, the majority are still in dungeons and secret prisons since 1991.A partial list of the disappeared sent by SOCEPP to the federal prosecutor has been ignored. Torture is still rampant, unemployment increasing and inflation above tolerance. The anti-democratic decrees and proclamations are still in place, the problematic TPLF constitution unchanged. At least one political party (the EPRP) is still considered illegal and the regime has collided with others to steal its name to falsely claim the party has legal existence. None of the EPRP members detained since 1991 have been released. The call for the release of the Addis Abeba youths, the thousands of political prisoners and the demand for the respect of human rights, an end to ethnic killings and ethnic discrimination must continue with vigor.

The EU must also be told (along with the USA and Canada) that it should stop aiding the repressive regime in Addis Abeba where not much of substance has really changed. Ethiopians still lack their basic human and democratic rights.

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!
Stop the ethnic cleansing and mass arrests!



11 February 2016:  “My name is Mikyas G., I am writing this letter because I fear that my brothers and father may be dead after being wrongfully accused. I just recently made my way to Canada from Ethiopia because my life was in danger at the hands of my own government. I returned to Ethiopia from America a few years ago and I was living a quiet, normal life after making many mistakes. The only family I had in Ethiopia was my stepfather and my two brothers. I was enjoying my new life back in my native land, but recently things changed for the worse. My family is from the Oromo tribe which is Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group. I always knew there were many problems between simple Oromo people and this government but I never thought this would happen to me and my family. My two brothers were attending Addis Abeba University in their second year of enrollment. On the 11th of July, 2015, 37 students from Addis Abeba University were abducted by federal police. They were taken on the grounds of so called “political misconduct.” The reason they gave was accusations that they were members of the O.N.G., but the reality of the matter is that these were just students and none of them were affiliated or had membership of any kind to any political group or organization. These students were beaten, tortured, and some even raped by the guards at the Maekelawi or better known as the “Dungeon.” Out of the 37 students, 11 of them were women, and by the 5th of August after 25 days of this, the 11th of the female students was released after paying a bribe to Sgt. Thomas Arfinea and Sgt. Bereket Berhe, these were the same officers that assaulted them in such a manner. At this time, the other 26 students including my two brothers Fromsa and Ayana were still in prison. On the 2nd of November, 2015, I came across two of the female students Aden Kebra and Betty Webet who was in custody with the other 35 students and they told me they knew my two brothers and after they released the 11th female student they did not know where they took the other 26 male students including my brothers.

I received a message from my brothers through the female student and they asked me to let the outside world know about their situation. I lived in America for many years and because I can write and speak English they wanted me to write a letter to the foreign media and opposition groups about what was going on. I am not a political person, and my brothers are not political, but because my brothers and these innocent students were being attacked by their own government I had to pick a side. On the 10th of November, 2015, I started writing the story of these students. My stepfather paid a bribe to have my brothers released but the officials kept saying they would be released soon. My plan was to send this letter to a relative in the U.S. and have them distribute it to the media outlets and opposition groups as I mentioned earlier. On the 16th of December 2015, Sgt. Thomas Arfinea and Sgt. Bereket Berhe and two other federal officers whose names I cannot recall came to my stepfather’s house to search the house without a court order. As they conducted their search, they found a USB flash drive on my counter and they demanded that I open it and show them the contents. This flash drive contained the letter that I wrote for my brothers and upon finding the letter they took me into custody to Maekelawi and I was tortured for almost one month. I was beaten, kept without food for days, knocked one of my teeth was out, and they even went so far as to insert a broom stick in my rectum.

My stepfather finally paid the bribe to Sgt. Thomas Arfinea and Sgt. Bereket Berhe which was 10,000 Ethiopian birr for each of them. I was then released on the 5th of January 2016 and given a court date for the 5th of March 2016. They also told my father they can come and get me at any moment, day or night, as they wish and if needed they can and will kill me. From then on I was under very close watch, and due to the nature of this surveillance, I decided to come to Canada on the 17th of January 2016 where I have been since then. I recently called home to check on my stepfather but there was no answer, when I called a neighbor they said they saw federal officials take him in the day before. As you can imagine, I am scared for my life if I return to Addis. I have no one there. After making a change for the better in my life, my life was ruined by this government, I believe they’ve already killed two of my brothers because I did not see them when I was in Maekelawi and we still don’t know where they are. If my brothers are gone, and my father is gone, then I ask for nothing but justice. At least bring justice to the other victims still living under this regime’s terrorism.

‘Thank you for reading my letter.”   pdf_print

Ethiopia: Child Labour on the Increase

12 June 2015:  Those sources with access to credible statistics have asserted that since the 1991 takeover of power by the present regime child labour in Ethiopia has increased by more than 40% and the violation of the rights of children reached deplorable levels.

The regime, back in the days when it was a rebel group, used child soldiers and one fourth of its thousands of casualties have been children. Since its assumption of power, the increasing poverty has led to the spread of child labour all over the country, Youngsters as young as twelve years old have been forced to engage in prostitution and sex tourism has spread with, shamefully, elements of the Diaspora from North America being accused of engaging in the practice. In the factories and fields children are found working long hours for a meager pay. Children lured from Addis Abeba itself to work in the coffee fields of Wollega and other places have suffered immensely and many have died (in the forests, from hunger and malaria, etc. as they tried to escape. In Tigrai, the fiefdom of the ruling clique, food for work and other gimmicks are used to exploit child labour.

The rights of the child is abused in many ways in present day Ethiopia. With child labour prominent in the rural areas, sexual abuse, beatings, sale into dubious adoption, etc have also been on the rise. Poor children are being sold to wealthy foreigners though they are not orphans as the law demands. With overall unemployment rate in Ethiopia being very high the use of child labour has increased year after year. Of the close to half a million homeless people in Addis Abeba itself close to 70 per cent are children and hundreds of non adult children are behind bars for political reasons.




Tesfaye Tadesse

June 2015: Mebatsion Ali, also known as Jattene Ali, a former district administrator of Borena, was murdered in a Nairobi Hotel by two TPLF gunmen (both hailed from Tigrai). The killers hid in the Nairobi EPRDF embassy until the embassy was able to secretly take them out of Kenya to Tanzania and to send them back to Ethiopia. At the time, the names of the two killers and the man who denounced Jattene, a Borena born man called Guyo, were exposed in statements made by the EPRP for one. The murder was organized and supervised by TPLF general Haielom (now dead) stationed in Hawassa. Other TPLF agents were later to murder, using a silenced pistol, in the Thika refugee camp just outside of Nairobi, Afewerk Alemseged, a former official in the fallen regime (whose brother Mulugeta Alemseged is still the regime’s important official and ambassador).

Another citizen brutally stabbed to death in another June outside his home is Addis Abeba is lawyer, human rights activist and newspaper publisher Tesfaye Tadesse and his killers are still at large as they belong to the security’s death squad in Addis Abeba. Tesfaye’s execution followed the discovery made by the ruling front that he was a clandestine and longtime member of the opposition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party. Come the month of June, we remember his death and the travesty of justice that has not received due condemnation by concerned human rights groups.

The regime in Addis Abeba ordered the murder of Mebatsion and Tesfaye and deserves strong condemnation.


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Opposition Leaders Murdered by the Regime

17 June 2015: ON June 15/2015, one of the founders of the legal opposition group, Semayawi Party, Samuel Awoke, was beaten to death near his home in the (Gojjam) town of Debre Markos. He was a candidate of an MP post in the last election. Samuel had been beaten and jailed before. His killers, suspected to be agents of the regime, have not been apprehended.

Further north, in the region of Humera, a leader of the opposition ARENA organization, Tadesse Abrha, was strangled to death on June 16/2015 by a three man assassin squad. Tadese had been warned in the past to leave ARENA and to join the ruling Tigrean party (TPLF). This is the second ARENA member to be killed since December when the Central Committee member, Lijalem Kalayu was killed in Addis Abeba. No killers apprehended in both instances. It is clear for all to see that the regime is behind these killings of opposition leaders and cadres who have refused to break or to stop political dissent. These brutal actions and the imprisonment of dozens of peaceful protesters makes it clear that dissent is repressed in Ethiopia with cruelty and brutality. Time for those who back this repressive regime to the hilt to be heard condemning its gross violation of human rights and its murder of political dissenters.





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30 June 2015:  JUNE 1991–from Sankisa and other places of Gondar and from Gojjam’s various areas a number of veteran members and leaders of the EPRP fell into the hands of the army of the Tigrrean front. Many others were killed by a combined force of this front, the Eritreans (EPLF) and the Sudanese armed contingents. Azanaw Demile (aka) Tulu was arrested in Basonda, the Sudan, and handed over to the TPLF when this front assumed power in Addis Abeba.

Tsegaye Gebre Medhin (Debteraw), Yishak Debretsion, Sitotaw Hussein, Amha Bellete, Hagos Bezabih, Teklai G.Sellasie (Alula), Deslaegn Amsalu and Azanaw were disappeared but, despite the refusal by the regime to say anything about their plight, it has been revealed by a former leader of the ruling front (TPLF) that they had all been summarily executed without trial or due process. Many more EPRP members and veterans still remain unaccounted for. While the dictator Meles Zenawi, who was the main culprit for this crime, is no more, other top TPLF/EPRDF leaders are responsible for the disappearance and brutal killing of the above mentioned and many others. The crime should be condemned and should not be forgotten.

SOCEPP strongly condemns the summary execution of the EPRP leaders and veterans by the Tigrean front that is now grossly violating the rights of Ethiopians all over the country.


11 December 2015: Recently the regime in Addis Abeba has killed close to 18 students and civilians in Ambo, Ginchi, Balo, Western Wellega as overall peaceful protests multiply. Officially, the protests are against the regime’s so called Master Plan to expand the size of Addis Abeba and thus appropriate more land from Ambo and other adjacent areas to the detriment of the local people, especially farmers.

Similar protests were held in the past and the repression was also fierce. This time also dozens have been arrested. The regime has been appropriating the lands of farmers and dislocating people from their land and has even expanded its forced resettlement program. It is the first and foremost beneficiary of the land grab process that is underway and favors its own region, Tigray. Most of Gondar land is now being incorporated into Tigrai and opposition by the people has been repressed though the unrest continues. The regime is also continuing its practice of ethnic conflicts and is now reaping what it has sown before to destroy the unity of the people of Ethiopia. If ethnic animosity spreads against the Tigrean rulers it is long overdue.

SOCEPP strongly condemns the brutal killing of students and civilians in Ambo and other places just because they protested against the illegal confiscation of land the ovpdf_printerall absence of rights. SOCEPP demands an immediate stop to the repression and torture and calls for the immediate release of those detained. It befalls on the friends of this repressive regime to make it stop its killings of innocent people.



ወያኔ በሕዝብ ላይ የሚፈጽመውን ግፍና ግድያ እናውግዝ

ታህሳስ 13 ቀን 2008: ጨቋኙ የወያኔ አገዛዝ በቅርቡ ተቀስቅሶ ያለውን የሕዝብ ተቃውሞ ለማፈን ሲጥር በርካታ ንጹህ ዜጎችን መግደሉ በይፋ ተነግሯል። ጸረ ሰላም ሀይሎች በሚል በተለመደው ሽፋኑ ተቃዋሚዎችን ከሶ ግድያቸውንም ማጠየቂያ ሊሰጥ መሞከሩንም ዜጎች ሁሉ የታዘቡት ነው። በርካታ ዜጎችንም ታግተው ስየል እየተቀበሉ ናቸው። ይህን ሁሉ ግፍና ግድያ ኢፖእአኮ አጥብቆ ያወግዛል።

ከአምቦ እስከ ሀሮማያ፤ ከጅማ እስከ ጎንደር፤ ጋምቤላ፤ ዋልድባ፤ ኦጋዴን፤ ወዘተ ዜጎች የወያኔ የግፍ በትር እየመታቸው ነው። የአዲስ አበባ መስፋፋት ወይም ማስተር ፕላን ብሎ አገዛዙ ያመጣውን ዕቅድ ተቃውሞ ያሰሙ ዜጎች ሲጠቁ ይህ የመጀመሪያው አይደለም። ገዢው ክፍል የሕዝብ መሬት እየነጠቀና ለባዕድ እየሰጠ ወይም እየሸጠ በዚያውም ሺዎችን እያፈናቀለ የቆየ ነው። የግዳጅ ሰፈራም ከተጀመረ ዓመታት አልፈዋል። አገዛዙ ሰፊ የመብት ረገጣ ሲያደርግ ከሃያ አመታት በላይ ሆኖታል። በሀይማኖት ጉዳይም ጣልቃ እየገባ ምዕመናን እየጎዳ ነው — አደባባይ ኢየሱስ፤ አንዋር መስጊድ፤ ለእስር የተዳረጉና የተገደሉ የሀይማኖት መሪዎችና ተከታዮች ምስክር ናቸው። በቃሊቲ፤ ቂሊንጦ፤ ዝዋይ፤ ወዘተ ስንቱ የፖለቲካ እስረኛ መከራ እያየ ነው። ስየል የተለመደና የተስፋፋ ነው፤ ፍትህ ደብዛዋ ከጠፋ ዓመታት አልፈዋል፤ ፍትሃዊ አተዳደር የህልም እንጀራ እንደሆነ አለ። በዚህ በዚያ ተቃውሞ በተከሰተበት ሁሉ አገዛዙ ግድያና አፈና እያካሄደ ነው ያለው። ግርግር ለሌባ ያመቻል እንዲሉ በዚሁ ሰበብ ደግሞ የጥላቻ በሽታቸውን ለማከም ንጹህ ህዝብን የተወሰነ ብሄረሰብ አባል በሚል ግድያ የሚፈጽሙትንም ቢሆን ኢፖእአኮ ያወግዛል።

አገዛዙ በሰፊው የህዝብን መብት ረገጣውን እንዲያቆም መደረግ አለበት። ይህን እውን ለማድረግ ዜጎች ተባብረው ሊታገሉ ይጠበቃል። ለሰብዓዊ መብት ቆመናል የሚሉ ብዙዎች የአንገት በላይ ነው መቆሮቆራቸው እንደታየው ከሆነ። ሕዝብ ሲበደልና ሲረገጥ ማመጽ ግዴታው መሆኑ ደግሞ ክርክርን አይጠይቅም — ሰብዓዊ መብት በስጦታ አይገኝምና። ብዙዎች ባለፉት ሳምንታት ተገድለዋል ፤ ወጣቶች ተቀጥፈዋል፡፡ ይህን ኢፖእአኮ ያወግዛል ። የሕዝቡንም ትግል ይደግፋል። ካልታገሉ መብት አይከበርምና። በሕዝብ መሃል ጥላቻ የሚያሰራጩትንም ኮሚቴው መቃውሙና ማጋለጡ ግዴታው ነው። መሬት ንጥቂያ ያክትም፤ ሕዝብን ማፈናቀል ይቁም፤ የግድ ሰፈራ ይወገድ፤ በአጠቃላይም የመብት ረገጣው ቆሞ ሁሉም የፖለቲካና የፍትህ መጓደል እስረኞች ይፈቱ። ይህ ነው የህዝብ ጥያቄ፤ መስተጋባት መከርም ያለበት ጥያቄ። የወያኔ ወዳጆች ሆነው በዕብሪቱና ግፉ ወደዱም ጠሉም ተባባሪ የሆኑትንም ደጋፊዎቹንም ጥብቅ ማሳሳቢያ መስጠት አስፈላጊ ሆኖ ይገኛል።

የህዝብ ህብረት ይጠንክር!!
በሕዝብ ላይ ግፍና ግድያው ይቁም!
መብት ረገጣው ያብቃ!!pdf_print
ሁሉም የፖለቲካ እስረኞች ይፈቱ!!!


10 September 2015: SOCEPP has addressed letter to South African leaders (Malawi, Zambia, South Africa) calling on them to stop tormenting Ethiopian refugees.

In South Africa, refugees continue to be killed by xenophobic mobs or thugs. In Zambia and Malawi (with some others also in Namibia), Ethiopian refugees are jailed and subjected to harsh treatment. A case in point is the condition of Ethiopian prisoners in Malawi’s hell holes in Maula (where more than 160 refugees who have finished their prison terms are still being held), in Chicheri and other prisons. Lack of food, overcrowding, horrible health conditions are the fate of these prisoners. The refugees are smuggled to Southern Africa by traffickers linked to the ruling officials in Addis Abeba.

SOCEPP has reminded the South African leaders to live up to their responsibilities and to respect human rights. It has also reminded these same leaders that Ethiopia stood on their side in their times of bitter struggle for liberation. The mistreatment of Ethiopian refugees and asylum seekers is a travesty of justice, a violation of basic rights contrary to Africa’s Human Rights Charter. It has to be stopped and all those illegally detained should be released without delay.