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Open letter to the Fairfax County School Borad Office

( 18 June 2016): The Fairfax County School Board Office. Attn. Ms Ilene Muhlberg; Ilene.Muhlberg We extend our greetings. SOCEPP is a nonprofit non political organization established in March 1995 to report on the human rights violations of the regime in Addis Abeba. International and local human rights organizations have time and again denounced… Read More »


14 July 2016: Gondar city and other parts of Gondar are presently in turmoil as a people struggling for its identity, land and rights is being repressed ruthlessly by the Addis Abeba based Tigrean regime. A number of innocent people have been killed and many more wounded and/or arrested. The repression has to stop. Unrest… Read More »


15 July 2016:  Hadiyas who have been living in the Somali region and who had been called Yerer Bare against their will raised the question of their need to have their own enclave and region and were subjected to repression as a consequence. This, despite the repeated attempt by elders to inform the local and… Read More »

Crime against the Ethiopian People

07 September 2016:   Using a fire that started at the notorious KILINTO prison (outside of Addis Abeba), it is reported that the guards opened fire on the prisoners and have killed close to a hundred of them including leaders of the Muslim community, journalists and dissidents. The victims have not yet been named. The crime… Read More »

Intensified and Ruthless Repression in Ethiopia

02 February 2017:  Since the outbreak of the popular protest last November, the regime in Addis Abeba has let loose a campaign of terror against the people, killing thousands, declaring a state of emergency, rounding up more than 40,000 people (to add to the thousands others that it had incarcerated since 1991) and using its… Read More »

Ethiopia: Child Labour on the Increase

12 June 2015:  Those sources with access to credible statistics have asserted that since the 1991 takeover of power by the present regime child labour in Ethiopia has increased by more than 40% and the violation of the rights of children reached deplorable levels. The regime, back in the days when it was a rebel… Read More »