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Intensified and Ruthless Repression in Ethiopia

02 February 2017:  Since the outbreak of the popular protest last November, the regime in Addis Abeba has let loose a campaign of terror against the people, killing thousands, declaring a state of emergency, rounding up more than 40,000 people (to add to the thousands others that it had incarcerated since 1991) and using its… Read More »

03 May 2018 — World Press Freedom Day

03 May 2018:  The world press freedom day does not bring us any good news on the state of affairs in Ethiopia. The regime in place continues as one of the worst predators of the free press. Most, if not all, independent press/media remain outlawed. Critical reporting lands journalists behind bars accused of terrorism. Only… Read More »

Ethiopia: Child Labour on the Increase

12 June 2015:  Those sources with access to credible statistics have asserted that since the 1991 takeover of power by the present regime child labour in Ethiopia has increased by more than 40% and the violation of the rights of children reached deplorable levels. The regime, back in the days when it was a rebel… Read More »

Sudan Beats, Whips and Deports Refugees

05 March 2017:  The whole democratic world should denounce the Sudan for recently rounding up refugees, railroading them to court where the judge sentenced them to cash payment and 40 lashes each. More than forty Ethiopian refugees were immediately whipped and deported. This is done by the Omar Beshir regime which recently received millions of… Read More »

Condemn the Assassination of Gezahegn G. Meskel

04 May 2018 :  Human rights activist and a militant for democracy, Gezahegn Gebre Meskel, was assassinated in broad day light in Johannesburg. His killer has escaped and many Ethiopians there are certain that he was hired killer working for the embassy of the regime in Addis Abeba. Gezahegn, a fearless militant, was the target… Read More »

Opposition Leaders Murdered by the Regime

17 June 2015: ON June 15/2015, one of the founders of the legal opposition group, Semayawi Party, Samuel Awoke, was beaten to death near his home in the (Gojjam) town of Debre Markos. He was a candidate of an MP post in the last election. Samuel had been beaten and jailed before. His killers, suspected… Read More »

Repression Intensified in Ethiopia

06 March 2017:  OFFICIALS of the so called Command Post set up to intensify the repression under the State of Emergency have now been forced to admit that the measures adopted have not worked. More than 45,000 people have been rounded up from various places and herded into the 40 degrees C Awash former military… Read More »