By | 30th May 2015

27 May 2015:  SOCEPP strongly opposes the decision by the Tanzanian government to deport Ethiopian refugees back to Ethiopia. It would like to add too that it had received reports of mistreatment of the detained refugees.

According to a report by the Deputy Minister for Home Affairs, Mr.Pereira Silima, Tanzania is holding those it calls illegal aliens, that is to say 250 Ethiopians, in various prisons all over the country. He said that the jailed refugees, who were transiting to South Africa according to the report, will all be deported back to Ethiopia once they finish their sentences. 91 are presently awaiting the said deportation while the others languish in the filthy prisons. According to the official, the deportees will be sent back by air as the land route through Kenya is considered to be unsafe. Tanzania has vowed to take more severe actions against Ethiopian refugees of whom some 47 died suffocated in a container.

SOCEPP opposes the deportation on humanitarian grounds as more and more youngsters are being trafficked and fleeing because of the deplorable conditions of life in Ethiopia. Harsh measures against hapless refugees stains the good name of Tanzania whose founding leader Mwalimu Nyrere held Ethiopia in great respect.

Release the refugees and give them asylum as Ethiopia used to do to South African and other African refugees.


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