Open letter to the Fairfax County School Borad Office

By | 20th June 2016

( 18 June 2016): The Fairfax County School Board Office.
Attn. Ms Ilene Muhlberg;

We extend our greetings.

SOCEPP is a nonprofit non political organization established in March 1995 to report on the human rights violations of the regime in Addis Abeba. International and local human rights organizations have time and again denounced the gross violations perpetrated on the Ethiopian people. Summary executions and disappearances, massacres, rigging of elections, systematic and brutal torture of prisoners, more than 40 thousand imprisoned without due process, the state controlling the media, an “anti terror” law that is used conveniently to repress all dissent and journalists, and more.

The advocates of this cruel and repressive regime are about to hold a football festival in your school. They are backed by a multi millionaire who openly backs the regime and is responsible for a massive land grab for the benefit of Saudi Arabia. The land grab has led to the forced dislocation of hundreds of thousands of farmers, the degradation of the environment and even civil strife. There is a football federation (EFSNA) supported by the vast majority of the Diaspora (in the USA) and the one trying to hold a rival festival in your school is an instrument of the regime and its millionaire backer.

It would be a gross injustice and a travesty against the Ethiopian people, if these divisive forces get the permission to hold their festival in your school.

We call upon you to deny them the field for their evil aims.

We thank you in advance.pdf_print



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