By | 16th July 2016

14 July 2016: Gondar city and other parts of Gondar are presently in turmoil as a people struggling for its identity, land and rights is being repressed ruthlessly by the Addis Abeba based Tigrean regime. A number of innocent people have been killed and many more wounded and/or arrested. The repression has to stop.

Unrest in Gondar started after years of the people’s grievances involving land grab, land ceding to the Sudan, denial of the identity of the people and overall bad governance. The regime’s forces, especially brought from Tigrai without even the knowledge of the local authorities, tried to arrest one person, Colonel Demeke Zewde, they considered as an opposition element. In the confrontation, the colonel’s son was shot dead and two soldiers were also killed. The ensuing public protest has been repressed with at least 20 people killed and many more wounded. The unrest has now spread to other towns like Dabat. At the core of the problem is the openly anti Amhara politics of the ruling Tigrean front and its pdf_printunceasing repressive and discriminatory action.

SOCEPP strongly condemns the repression in Gondar and calls on the international forces to vigorously call for an end to the repression and the overall anti Amhara politics.

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