By | 16th July 2016

15 July 2016:  Hadiyas who have been living in the Somali region and who had been called Yerer Bare against their will raised the question of their need to have their own enclave and region and were subjected to repression as a consequence. This, despite the repeated attempt by elders to inform the local and central authorities on the plight of the Hadiyas.

However, the special police an army officers marched in Mid-March on Kelafo, where the Hadiyas live, and accusing the elders and the activists at large of being anti peace and even Al Shabab sympathizers engaged in a violent repression that caused deaths. Many were beaten, arrested and women and girls were also raped. Ato Sultan Aden and Ato Ayan Abdi Aden died from the severe beating. More than 56 are jailed under inhumane conditions in Gode while Hadiyas living in nine villages (Mustahil district) have been forcefully removed from their birthplaces and deported to an inhospitable area. Attempt to inquire on the incidents have been hampered by the local authorities threatening the people not to divulge what had happened lest they receive more punishment and repression. The local authorities engaged in this evil and repressive acts are the following:

Ato Mohamed Rashid–deputy spokesperson of the Federation parliament;

Ato Korfu Garne Ahmed–member of the House of Representatives;

Ato Shukur Moalim; Mme Muhaba Ali Dawit;

Ato Abdi Ali Menta–head of the Fiq zone;

Ato Ahmed Mohamed–administrator of the Kelafo district;

Ato Tahir–special police force head;

Ato Abdi Medebe–head of the Kelafo Zone security department.

Hundreds still fear for their lives while an estimated 45 million Birr worth of property haspdf_print been burnt, cattle robbed, etc… Hundreds have signed an official letter denouncing the crimes against the Hadiyas in Kelafo and other places.

SOCEPP stands with the Hadiyas and denounces the repression unleashed against them

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