Protest Against Italy’s Violence Against Ethiopian/Eritrean Refugees

By | 4th September 2017

(26 August 2017) -:  No one can deny that Italy has had its share of the refugee influx into Europe and had generally acquitted itself in the handling of so many refugees. However, the handling of the problem with Eritrean and Ethiopian squatters in the particular building in Rome was a gross violation of their rights and the use of wanton violence against the asylum seekers (including women and children totally uncalled for. the asylum seekers, who had been asking for a decent living space, were also manhandled and beaten when they staged a peaceful protest. This is to be condemned in o uncertain terms.

Like in most parts of Europe, Xenophobia and racism have increased in Italy as a whole. The massive influx of asylum seekers/migrants arriving at the shores of Italy do so for mostly justified reasons and in any way cannot excuse the racism and violence that has fallen on the refugees. Fortress Europe is an illusion carried by the same forces that first of all are responsible for the wars and poverty breeding desperate refugees. If Europe’s problem is the existence of migrants the problem of the migrants are the European countries and North America that have been at the source of the wars and plunder . Libya is but one example.

Ethiopians flee from their country to escape the dictatorship imposed on them by the West. Eritreans are in the same boat with the dire situation in their country. If conditions were as good as the west insists on presenting few would have defied death to escape from their countries. Italy, that did commit colonial crimes in Eritrea and tried to brutally colonize Ethiopia, should not ever commit against these people when they seek asylum. pdf_print

Shame on Italy. We call on all democratic forces to condemn the brutalization of asylum seekers.

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