Condemn the Assassination of Gezahegn G. Meskel

By | 7th May 2018

04 May 2018 :  Human rights activist and a militant for democracy, Gezahegn Gebre Meskel, was assassinated in broad day light in Johannesburg. His killer has escaped and many Ethiopians there are certain that he was hired killer working for the embassy of the regime in Addis Abeba. Gezahegn, a fearless militant, was the target of many death threats from the embassy, witnesses have revealed. Gezahegn, 48, is survived by his wife and two children.

This is not the first time that the regime in Addis Abeba has resorted to assassination if dissidents in exile. In the 90s, killers brought from Addis Abeba to Nairobi shot dead Jattene Ali in his hotel. They followed this with the murder of Afeworki Alemeseged at the Tika refugee camp in Nairobi–the killer used a silenced pistol. Three assassination attempts were foiled in Kampala as the regime sent killers to silence a vocal dissident. The assassination of Gezahegn in Joburg is meant to frighten and silence the exiles there who are fiercely opposed to the repressive and ethnic chauvinist Tigrean regime in Addis Abeba. It has, however, backfired as hundreds of exiles there have vowed to intensify the struggle and have paid homage to the fallen Gezahegn.

SOCEPP honors the fallen militant and calls on the South African government to make all the necessary effort to capture Gezahegn’s  killer and to unveil the hand behind the hired killer.

Condolences to Gezahegn’s family!
Martyrs shall be honored by free Ethiopia!


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