Mass Detention, Killings and Repression in Ethiopia

By | 21st October 2018

18 October 2-018: The propaganda blitz notwithstanding, the repressive system in Ethiopia is continuing. The “old-new” rulers have sponsored ethnic killings, no action against hate mongers instead arrested close to 3000 young peaceful in and around Addis Abeba. Their crime? Upholding the historic Ethiopian flag, condemning and calling for the arrest of the ethnic cleansers and demanding the release of all political prisoners.

The youths have now been taken to the Tolai labor camp where they are being treated inhumanely by the camp police. The claim that they were arrested in Kat chewing and shisha smoking dens is not only untrue but kat and shisha are not even illegal in Ethiopia to begin with. The wave of ethnic violence that has shocked the country is a product of the Tigrean Front’s (TPLF) provocation and due to the fact that prime minister and his group have surrounded themselves with Oromo extremists of all hues. The PM and his group have actually tried to cover up for the criminals and falsely accused others (including the thousands rounded up in Addis Abeba) while letting the hate mongers free and rapists and killers untouched. Burayu, Gedeo, Bnei Shangul, etc are examples of places where such atrocities have been witnessed. Linked to these crimes, the confiscation of property/land in Addis Abeba and other places and the handing of these to Oromo youths loyal to the PM and his group is continuing. More than a million have been internally displaced and Ethiopia tops the chart of the most displaced persons in 2018.Despite the release of a fraction of the thousands of political prisoners, the majority are still in dungeons and secret prisons since 1991.A partial list of the disappeared sent by SOCEPP to the federal prosecutor has been ignored. Torture is still rampant, unemployment increasing and inflation above tolerance. The anti-democratic decrees and proclamations are still in place, the problematic TPLF constitution unchanged. At least one political party (the EPRP) is still considered illegal and the regime has collided with others to steal its name to falsely claim the party has legal existence. None of the EPRP members detained since 1991 have been released. The call for the release of the Addis Abeba youths, the thousands of political prisoners and the demand for the respect of human rights, an end to ethnic killings and ethnic discrimination must continue with vigor.

The EU must also be told (along with the USA and Canada) that it should stop aiding the repressive regime in Addis Abeba where not much of substance has really changed. Ethiopians still lack their basic human and democratic rights.

Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia!
Stop the ethnic cleansing and mass arrests!


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