Statue of SOCEPP


ART. 1


ART. 2

DEFINITION: SOCEPP is a non sectarian, non-political, non profit humanitarian organization established by concerned people to publicize the plight of Ethiopian political prisoners, with special focus on the neglected and forgotten ones, and to solicit support from international public opinion in calling for the respect of human rights and due process of law in Ethiopia.

ART. 3

3.1. To draw attention to the plight of the political prisoners and to gain support for their release;
3. 2. To focus on those political prisoners forgotten or neglected by other human rights organizations;
3. 3. To call for the respect of human rights in Ethiopia;
3. 4. To solicit help and assistance of the political prisoners and their affected families;
3. 5. To sensitize international public opinion with the view of pressurizing the EPRDF government to respect the rights of the people and to release all political prisoners

ART. 4 Membership:

4. .1 Any person who is over the age of eighteen can be a member of SOCEPP;
4. 2. Membership dues is an annual payment of 20 Birr for members in Ethiopia and of US $20.00 or equivalent for members abroad;
4. 3. Members of SOCEPP branches over the world are full SOCEPP members.
4. 4.  SOCEPP can be associate member of human rights bodies and civic organizations with similar objectives and aims.

ART. 5 The General Assembly

5. 1. The General Assembly is the supreme body of SOCEPP
5. 2. It shall meet every two years, elect the members of the SOCEPP executive committee and set its guiding principles.
5. 3. The General Assembly is made up of all the registered and due paying member /or delegates/ of SOCEPP.


6. 1. The following office bearers of SOCEPP shall be its Executive Committee:

i / Chairperson,
ii/ vice chairperson
iii/ the secretary;
iv/ the treasurer and
v / the information officer

6. 2. An additional executive committee member with full powers as a member of the E.C. shall be picked by the executive committee itself.

6. 3. The tenure of the E.C members shall not exceed four years.


7. 1. The Chairperson shall, unless prevented by illness or other sufficient cause, preside over all meetings of the Committee and the General Assembly;

7. 2. The Chairperson is authorized to represent SOCEPP in all its activities and dealings.

7. 3. The vice chairperson shall represent the Chairperson when he/she is not able to represent SOCEPP.

7. 4. The Secretary shall deal with all the correspondence of the Committee under the general supervision of the Chairperson, shall take the minutes of the committee meetings, and shall keep all its records.

7. 5. The Treasurer shall receive and shall also disburse, with the approval of the Chairperson or the committee, all the moneys belonging to the Committee. He/she shall be responsible to the committee and to the members as a whole that proper books of account of all moneys received and paid by the Committee are written up, preserved and available for inspection.

7. 6. The Information Office has the task of gathering confirmed and ascertained information concerning political prisoners and the overall human rights situation in Ethiopia. The IO shall communicate the information to the Committee so that it can be acted upon.

7. 7. The committee shall issue press statements, communiques and reports on the plight of the political prisoners and the human rights situation in Ethiopia.

7. 8. The EC shall meet once every three months.

ART. 8 Branches

8. 1. SOCEPP branches shall be set up in various parts of the world and shall function according to SOCEPP’S statutes and directives.

8. 2. The officials of the SOCEPP branches shall be named by the EC of SOCEPP
8. 3. The Branches can have, with the agreement of the EC, the by laws necessary for their functions.

ART. 9

9.1 The Constitution of SOCEPP can  be amended by a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly with two thirds of the members being present.

9.2. The dissolution of SOCEPP can be decided by a two- thirds vote of the General Assembly with two thirds of the members present and, in case of dissolution, all existing property of money of SOCEPP shall be given to Ethiopian human rights organizations with similar objectives.

9. 3. The headquarters of SOCEPP shall be at a place decided upon by the Executive Committee.

Amended and adopted by SOCEPP
March 2003

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