Crime against the Ethiopian People

07 September 2016:   Using a fire that started at the notorious KILINTO prison (outside of Addis Abeba), it is reported that the guards opened fire on the prisoners and have killed close to a hundred of them including leaders of the Muslim community, journalists and dissidents. The victims have not yet been named. The crime… Read More »

Sudan Beats, Whips and Deports Refugees

05 March 2017:  The whole democratic world should denounce the Sudan for recently rounding up refugees, railroading them to court where the judge sentenced them to cash payment and 40 lashes each. More than forty Ethiopian refugees were immediately whipped and deported. This is done by the Omar Beshir regime which recently received millions of… Read More »

Intensified and Ruthless Repression in Ethiopia

02 February 2017:  Since the outbreak of the popular protest last November, the regime in Addis Abeba has let loose a campaign of terror against the people, killing thousands, declaring a state of emergency, rounding up more than 40,000 people (to add to the thousands others that it had incarcerated since 1991) and using its… Read More »

Repression Intensified in Ethiopia

06 March 2017:  OFFICIALS of the so called Command Post set up to intensify the repression under the State of Emergency have now been forced to admit that the measures adopted have not worked. More than 45,000 people have been rounded up from various places and herded into the 40 degrees C Awash former military… Read More »

Mass Detention, Killings and Repression in Ethiopia

18 October 2-018: The propaganda blitz notwithstanding, the repressive system in Ethiopia is continuing. The “old-new” rulers have sponsored ethnic killings, no action against hate mongers instead arrested close to 3000 young peaceful in and around Addis Abeba. Their crime? Upholding the historic Ethiopian flag, condemning and calling for the arrest of the ethnic cleansers… Read More »

Stop the Collusion with Brutal Regimes to Deport Refugees

(08 December 2017) – First of all please check the following link to see the agreement between the repressive Ethiopian regime and the EU. Hard to believe. On the question or issue of migration the EU seems to have lost it all as it frantically and desperately tries to block migration to Europe from… Read More »