November 8/2019
SOCEPP (08 November 2019) – LONDON, U.K.,

We have learnt that you have invited for your 13th annual Rule of Law lecture none other than Meaza Achenafi, the president of the Federal Supreme court in Ethiopia. She is supposed to lecture on the question of judicial independence during a democratic transition. A joke? We should be excused for asking.

Meaza was a judge and she served the Meles regime with the diligence of a bona fide cadre. She was involved in the drafting of the Constitution that legalized the Bantustanization of Ethiopia,a banalization of federalism and the document that is condemned as the main source of problem for the country. People still demand for its dissolution along with other repressive laws and decrees. Though she was involved in the formation of the Ethiopia Women Lawyers Association she was also involved in its dissolution when it irked the regime in place. She is presently serving as a female facade for an ethnic cleansing regime and she can hardly speak on judicial independence as she served and still serves regimes opposed to the notion. And for all who know the reality of Ethiopia, there is no democratic transition either.

SOCEPP is opposed that your council has invited the representative of an ethnic chauvinist and repressive regime as a guest to lecture on an issue she has opposed in the past and hardly knows anything at all. She is president of the Supreme Court but how many of the hatemongering mobs and their leaders have been charged. More than 300 Amharas,Gamos and others have been savagely killed by regime backed machete wielding ethnic mobs with no action form the police or the courts. The Prime Minister, the head of the gang, has simply tried to brush it off as non significant and tried to hide the real content, extent and culprits. Meaza has played along as she knows how in the past. She is judge serving dictators and ethnic cleansers. The regime still keeps more than 37,000 political prisoners, has unleashed repression against journalists, maintained the anti people decrees and laws without a pip from your invited speaker. She is a person who will appear before a real court of law for her collaboration with illegal regimes. Hardly a person to invite as a guest speaker.

A serious mistake on your part.

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